Costa Rica

In Costa Rica Cool Fresh International cooperate intensively with Tropicales de Valle, a leading pineapple production and packaging company.  

Alongside its own production this company has a close relationship with small growers who supply their products to Tropicales del Valle for further packaging and export to Cool Fresh International.

These producers have all been certified in terms of the Global Cap standard, which ensures that they are able to keep up with the high standards of Tropicales del Valle and Cool Fresh International.

Not only do these small growers receive the benefits of worldwide market access, they also receive regular training with regards to improving their production standards.

But there is more.....

The collaboration with Tropicales de Valle not only exists for commercial purposes. It also fits in with Cool Fresh International’s vision of practising socially responsible business.

Tropicales del Valle has been associated with the 'Ethical Trading Initiative' for quite some time, and the cooperation between labour unions, companies and the government have been working on improving the working conditions for employees all over the world.

In the spirit of the Cool Fresh International’s CSR certification in 2011, and the focus on Tropicales del Valle to improve the living conditions of local residents, in 2013 we implemented a long running project. The objective is to create a platform in which the local local primary school works together with and is supported by the nearby farms.

The first step was to give the school a much needed layer of paint, along with ordering new chairs for the students.

Currently our CSR department is busy putting together a comprehensive plan so that the local children will have access to diverse new social activities.