Every year, more than 91 000 people in the Netherlands fall prey to cancer.

To support research into the causes and treatment of cancer, Cool Fresh International has signed on as business friend of the Dutch Cancer Society (KWF). 

All over the world scientists are working towards more efficient cures for cancer.

They are doing it as fast as they can. Or rather, as fast as they are enabled and empowered to do so.

As a business friend of the Cancer Society, Cool Fresh International supports specific research projects into cures for and treatment of cancer.

By contributing a fixed amount per month, we are also supporting the development of well-trained Fellows of the Cancer Society.

With these grants, talented young researchers are enabled to conduct scientific research and gain experience in the treatment of cancer. 

Investing in these ‘top talents’ have already borne fruit: many ex-fellows are today holding executive positions in the world of cancer research.